King Arildor

Altus Arildor, born to Caius and Marrien Arildor, is the ruler and keeper of the city of Ancia. His single-minded devotion to the just and fair is fueled by the teachings of his father. Such an easy going attitude usually tested his relationship with Elka Turin, who would try to convince the soon to be king that St.Cuthberts teachings of retribution were the only true way to rule.

From a young age Altus was taught how to handle a sword and the magical nature of the world around him by his fathers childhood friend Candir Sissen, a duskblade cast out of Sagewynne for his refusal to become a royal palace attendant. Altus placed his trust in the elf, and was distraught when his parents and Candir one day journeyed to mediate peace talks between the Wen and Ineo, and were never seen again.

At the dawn of The Ineo Conquest, King Arildor wasted no time in ensuring both the Wen and Ineo people received his fair rulings in the sudden rash outburst of hate crimes. Elka’s distaste for the young ruler’s “overly generous methods” became more and more apparent as time passed. Some historians argue that this difference in attitudes was a key factor in the eventual split of the pair.

For the 30 years The Ineo Conquest has raged, King Arildor has remained steadfast in his promise to remain neutral, and his domain is now the one peaceful area in all the lands. As of late however, he seems increasingly restless and agitated, a fact the people of Ancia have been quick to note.

King Arildor

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