The city of Ancia is nestled the vast expanses of the Amis sea, and has long been a subject of both awe and dispute. As one of the two cities shared by both the Wen people of Sagewynne and the Ineo people of Foxcliff, violence and disruption are to be expected on every street corner, and in every gathering area. Contrary to what was expected, Ancia has prospered, and surpassed all established goals.

Understandably, both countries have a vested interest in controlling Ancia. Visible efforts to seize control are sparse, as both countries struggle to remain within the regulations established at the eruption of The Ineo Conquest. King Arildor, while benevolent and wise, is also strict and refuses to allow any transgressions to occur within the borders of his city. The modest guard stationed in Ancia is among the best trained in either countries, weeding out threats efficiently and without delay.

Suspicious as Arildor is that the rise is a plan by either of the cities majorities to assert their control more firmly, he has yet to accuse either party. Both countries have a division of troops gathered, waiting to step in at a moments notice, and attempt to quell the disruption. Tensions run high on sides of the conflict, leaving King Arildor restless and seemingly devoid of power.

The city’s former high priest, Elka Turin, disappeared with his entire personal staff one night after a heated argument with King Arildor, his replacement, Baz Gurman, has been met with a lukewarm reception by the people of the city, who still have a clear idea of why Elka has left.

Ancia is controlled equally by both the Wen and Sagewynne, having a remarkably unbiased and accepting community considering the peoples heritage. Tall walls surround the city on all sides, to defend the city from raiders populating the surrounding seas, as well as the occasional bold regiment of goblins or gnolls hoping to plunder its treasury. The captain of the guards is one Ansom Ciden. Leading a troop of about 150 men, Captain Ciden was one of the most skillful generals in the The Ineo War, before wounds forced his dismissal. Under his command, about 500 men and elves in the city are available and trained to bear arms and defend the city at moments notice; this force is rarely needed to protect the city of 8000. The population is mixed between the elf and human populations of their parent countries and other races are few and far between.

Climate: Ancia is characterized by a temperate climate. In summer, days seem rarely to end, while in winter they seem to seldom come. Because of such an irregular cycle, very little farming is done in Ancia.

Architecture: Because of the cultural influence coming from both sides of the border, buildings in Ancia are unique and distinctive. Very few buildings reach above more then three stories tall, a feature borrowed from Sagewynne culture, while they are constructed primarily with the chosen Foxcliff material of brick and other stones.

Economy: Ancia is built around a crafting economy, and has varied goods and services available. With the supply of raw material from both of its parent countries, Ancia is able to devise weapons and armor otherwise unavailable to populations. The meshing of wizard communities has also developed an increased awareness of arcane arts, and many seeking powerful spells and secrets often travel to Ancia to search for them.


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