Raven's Country

Blood in the Streets
So it begins....

Years have passed since the final meeting of King Arildor and Elka Turin, bringing nothing to the city of Ancia but years of prosperity and peace. In the eyes of a warring world, the city stands as a beacon of stability and balance. King Arildor’s widely controversial choice to take no sides in The Ineo Conquest have led his people into a new age of advancement and culture. It is on this day that a young elf bursts through the streets, adorned in noble garb and swiftly diving under and around vendor carts. A clumsy pair of guards followed closely by a briskly striding human are engaged in pursuit of the youth. Their boisterous path is the first disturbance in the city of Ancia for many weeks; the people watch with curious gazes as the chase spills out into the town square as the noble elf barrels directly into a regal cleric spreading the word of his deity.

“Corellon bless you father, please help me, these men come to take my life”, the youth falls to his knees and pleads with the holy man. His frantic plea’s are accompanied by his attempts to conceal himself behind the holy mans legs. His efforts conceal him from his pursuers, but draw the attention of a patron of The Silver Dagger House. Azren Bukama, a well respected dock crew captain of the city, pulls himself off his stool and makes his way to the pair. A psionicist, wild in his appearance, halts his performance to regard the scene with curiously intelligent eyes. A young of body halfling delays his pilfering of a nearby fruit stand and with a wry grin points out the ensuing scene to his accomplice.

The determined pursuers finally locate the youth, and advance on him with blades drawn. Tension fills the courtyard as all eyes lay on the holy man and his ward.


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