Silas Fullbarrel

A rogueish halfling with something to prove


Abilities STR = 10 Dex = 20 Con = 15 Int = 16 Wis = 11 Cha = 13

5 levels of rogue = All rogue baby

Standard Stuff

HP 31 AC 19

Saves Fortitude 4 Reflex 10 Will 2


2 Short swords +7 Attack Bonus 1D6 + 1 Damage

Light Crossbow +9 Attack Bonus 1D8 (30 bolts)


Leather Armour +3 Armour Bonus Shadowed (+5 to hide checks)

Skills Climb 2 Jump 2 Move Silently 19 Listen 6 Bluff 14 Escape Artist 10 Slight Of Hand 15 Tumble 15 Use Rope 5 Search 5 Sense Motive 5 Open Lock 16 Disable Device 10 Gather Information 5 Perform (Acting) 12 Decipher Script 7 Hide 15

Feats Weapons Finesse Two Weapon Fighting

Languages Common Halfling Elven Dwarven Gnome

Starting Gear Signet Ring Masterwork Theives Tools Silk Rope Caltrops (10) Flint and Steel Sunrods (3) Crowbar Rations (5)

Extra Gold* 47.4 GP


These were recovered from Silas Fullbarrel’s Journal, most of the first 40 pages were water-damaged (presumably from the boat trip over the ocean), the rest remain in mostly good condition with a few scorch marks, cuts, and blood on the other pages.

Page #1) I am Silas, Son of Bellwy (yea, he was made fun of as a child), and Theif extrodanaire. I have been stealin…. (the rest could not be made out due to the water causing the ink to bleed)

(Page #5) I CAN’T HECTING BELIEVE THAT THEY CAST ME OUT! Ungrateful group of gypsies. I was the one who stole ALL the food for us last winter, and did they object to my theivery then? NO! APPARENTLY EATING IS GOOD FOR HALFLINGS! But now, when it’s all like “we can grow our own food” stealing is bad. Now i’m out to find my Uncle, Wellby Fullbarrel. Apparently he’s a theif too. Here’s to hoping i can find him.

(Page #15) Well, i have found him…. sort of. I asked around for him near the arena in the Maltak. Everyone seemed to know he stabbed things, and stabbed them well. They also mentioned something about him being insane, apparently he tried to cook a fellow halfling in the Airy Mary. Anyway, I think i caught a glimpse of him running along a rooftop with a party and one of them was carrying a body. I followed him for as long as i could at which point a paladin came and arrested me. Now i’m sitting in a cell, with nothing put a piece of lead and this parchment.

(Page #15 cont.) so, the paladins finally took me in for “questioning”. When they got it through their thick skulls that i was not the halfling they were looking for but his nephew, they first wanted to use me as ransom. After i explained our situation, they realised he probably would kill me first, just to screw with their heads. It seems uncle Wellby isn’t as “nice” as i’d hoped him to be. I offered to help with the investigation as much as i could. This proved useful, because they gave me a shortsword that could be improved to carry the same abilities as my uncles dagger (apparently dear old uncle Wellby would realise that i was related to him if i had a similar weapon) i don’t know what i’ll do with it, i’ll probably enchant it sooner or later.

(Page #23) Well, that was a whole crock of shit. The paladins tried to screw me over, so i stabbed them. Luckly i have friends that work on the dock, one said he could get me on a ship working as a cooks assistant. Guess i’m going to somewhere to start a new life!


(Page #42) I saw a pirate ship today, twice. The first time i wasn’t joking, but after i saw them run around like they did, i called it out again a few hours later. Turns out i can’t be look-out anymore, guess it’s back to peeling potatoes.

(Page #47) Wow, a new life, a great break from being the nephew of an evil, terrifying, malicious theif named Wellby Fullbarrel. This is the land of opportunities and a land of fat old men who part with their gold at a moments notice. That said, I only steal from those who ask to be stolen from, like a security advisor! I steal from gold purses that hang loosely, as a warning to wear their purses tighter to their waist. I also enjoy stabbing things, I do have some self restraint, but carrying around a pair of short swords lends itself to being quite easy to stab things. I have stabbed fruits, small animals, large animals, and guards (they walked into it, i swear!). So, when i saw these guards abusing a half elf, i had to stand up and do something. It’s like they’re screaming “I WANT TO BE STABBED” or something, well, best indulge them.

Silas Fullbarrel

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